Week 5 – i patch

Welcome to our patch challenge- WEEK 5.  My daughter is 2 ½ and has Amblyiopia.  We are currently trying to help her brain recognize her right eye.  She has perfect vision in her left eye and -7.75 in her right.  Right before her last visit we made sure to put the atropine drops in and she was still able to see 20/30 with her strong eye.  To me, that doesn’t blur her vision much, so we have stepped up the patching since it is more effective.

This week we tried  I PatchComes with this cut already made


Cost: $7.00 per patch shipping for 1-6 patches is $4.95

Ratings given 1-5 for the following criteria. 

1 Doesn’t meet my expectations, 5 Exceeds my expectations

Cuteness Factor           5

Durability                      5

Full Eye Occlusion        5 * With adding a cut to the center of the patch for the nose piecemay 395

Performs with sweat     5         

Patching Support          2

Reusable                      Yes

Total patching hours for the week (Goal 28), Actual = 28 hours with this patch

Elly’s response: Take it off.  (Ok, so she is not a big fan of patching this week)

Mom’s response: I am very excited that she kept this patch on 4 hours a day!!!! It is lightweight and soft.  I did have to make my own adjustments by adding a cut for the nose piece so that it would not slip and occur her vision.  I am not sure why most companies only put the temple slit or the nose piece slit, but I have found that the re-usable patches stay on and block vision better when both are present.  

There are 3 kids of eye patches that they offer.  Elly like putting the pirate style patches on her dolls, because they were not useful or effective with glasses.  The 2nd kind of patch is one that is an INTERIOR patch that slips over the glasses.  It has a “pocket” on the inside of the patch. may 376 We tried this first (it is the purple patch) and were EXTREEMLY disappointed and not looking forward to writing another bad review.  It did not stay on the glasses at all and kept slipping off.  We tried both the small (available on request) and the large and both did the same thing.  Due to the way it is made, I couldn’t make any adjustments to keep it on her.

The 3rd kind of patch is the EXTERIOR patch which has the pocket on the outside of the patch.  We had the same slipping issue, but were able to cut the fabric so that it slipped over the nose piece.  Now, I was worried that this patch would not work because it is so lightweight and the bottom of the patch ended up folding under.  (See the nose shot)   may 393I thought it may irritate her, but she actually has put up the least amount of fight with this patch.  If you have a young child, I would make sure to request the small size.  I think the larger would be more effective for older children and adults.  In conclusion; I will definitely be ordering a couple more!

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