Dear Doctor of My Child’s Eyes,

Dear Doctor of My Child’s Eyes,

Thank you for being so positive about my child’s vision and taking the time each visit to answer all of my questions.  I am very nervous about Elliana’s muscle surgery tomorrow, so much that it is hard to sleep and I have often found my eyes welling up with tears thinking about it.  I know that you have done this surgery many times and are experienced, but this is my first time and it is my only daughter who will be put to sleep and operated on.

It meant a lot to me yesterday when you walked me through step by step how the procedure would be done.  Explaining that as she fell asleep with the anesthesia that you would take her to see the fish in the fish tank and play little games with her so that she would be relaxed and with someone she knows and trusts. Letting us know that she will not come out with bandages or an IV, but that she will be pretty angry for the first 20 minutes.

I also appreciate how calmly you explained how the procedure would work to my 3 year old.  It demonstrated that you not only know about eyes, but also about children.  I could not have done a better job myself.  I like how you told her that the office visits help make her eyes stronger, the patches help make her eyes stronger, the glasses help make her eyes stronger and now you are going help make her eyes stronger.  That she would see you for an appointment at a different place and that you would be wearing green pants and a green shirt.  We would meet a whole bunch of new people and then your would go back into a different room so that you could help make her eyes stronger.  I also appreciate how you told her that when she woke up she would be angry and that her eyes may be sore.

We, as parents, trust that you will make the best decisions about the new placement of her eye muscles based on your many measurements over the last year and a half.  Her eyes will be in good hands.  Please take good care of her.


Left eye turns out and Right eye turns out

4 responses to “Dear Doctor of My Child’s Eyes,

  1. Oh Amanda, I hadn’t realized the surgery was so close. I’m thinking of you guys. Your doctor sounds amazing, and I know that Elly is in good hands and will do well, but I know it’s hard to go through it. Let us know how things go when you get a chance.


  2. Oh your letter just killed me! It’s so fantastic that you found a good doctor that loves helping children! I’ll say a prayer for you b/c I know it’s very hard on the mamas to sit in the waiting room. We have only had to do it for ear tubes, but it was the longest 12 minutes of my life! Keep us posted!


  3. Another Anne posting here to say we are thinking of you. My daughter has had two Botox “surgeries” for her eyes at 3 months and 6 months and I remember praying so hard the night before the first one that she would survive the operation. She was out of surgery in 15 minutes and recovered just fine. Your daughter is in good hands and we await the next post of her brave attitude and successful recovery! (P.S. I think your daughter’s eyes look wonderful and I am convinced that I am a terrible judge of eye alignment.)


  4. so glad to hear Elly is over the worst Amanda and I pray with all my heart for you that it is fantastic once everything has settled down. Elly’s eyes look very much like Paris’s with the little turn out so I think we are probably in line for the same thing in a couple of years. I am following your story with great interest and hoping for the absolute best outcome for you and your little darling. Keep us posted. Ingrid x


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