More on Costco

Happy last day of June!  I’m back from picking up Franklin’s SpongeBob glasses at Costco and have a report:  Costco is gearing up for the school year (as I’m sure many places are), so their selection of children’s glasses is really good right now.  I saw many styles to choose from and many more smaller sized frames than I’ve seen before.  You know the frame measurement, like 45, 46, 50, etc?  (If you don’t, that means the mm’s measured from corner to corner.)  Franklin’s two frames are 45 and 47…the 47’s are a bit big, but they’re the SpongeBob ones.  Anyway, I didn’t see many 45’s before but today they had several … even some 43’s and 44’s!  So, if you’re thinking about trying for that cheap second pair, now *might* be the time!  (and you know, I do shop other places, people must think Costco is paying me or something.  HA!)

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