First time in glasses video gallery

Need a pick me up?  Videos of babies and young kids getting glasses — and seeing — for the first time always make my day.  So here’s a collection of videos of those first moments in glasses.  I hope they brighten your day, too!

You can read more of my thoughts on these videos here.

Do you have a video of your child’s first time wearing glasses? Send me an email ( and I’ll add it to this page.

Check out this cute guy.  He got his glasses while his dad was deployed, and his reaction when his dad returned is fantastic.


Click to get to the video

It’s his smile at the end of this video that gets me:

This sweet little one quiets down once the glasses are on her face:


This little girl is just taking everything in:


Click to get to the video


That smile you get when you can see clearly…

click to get to the video

click to get to the video


And here’s another great smile as this little guy checks out his vision through the lenses from all angles:


This guy is so taken by what he can see that he loses his pacifier:


This one went viral on social media, and for good reason.  Watch this sweetie see her mother for the first time:


This guy objects to his glasses for about 1 second, and then he just can’t stop looking around:


And a bonus video, a baby playing peek-a-boo with his glasses:


Click to get to video on Jack’s blog


Kristen just shared this fantastic video comparing her son before and after getting glasses:


Click to see the video on Facebook


Another new video with an amazing smile brought on by his new glasses:


Another video that went viral  on facebook:

Click the photo to see the video

Click the photo to see the video


Watch how he takes the whole world in:


Another sweetie with a big smile once she can see

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