Preparing for a Newborn’s Cataract Surgery

After a few long-winded, late-night conversations, we made the individual choice that we felt we needed to give Arthur every chance we could to establish his vision. We were going to fight for his sight.

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Discovering PHPV/PFV in our Newborn

we called the Pediatric Ophthalmologist on our own and requested an appointment without a referral. They fit us in the next Monday, and immediately knew something was not right in plain sight.

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Book reviews: Three new books written by authors who have been through it! My Bright Blue Glasses, and Jack Wears Glasses and Jack Wears Contact Lenses and Glasses …Just Like You!

I’m excited to be reviewing three new books by Juliette Vignola, and Cynthia Davis and Baby Sue Acree. The authors of these books have all been through glasses either as […]

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