Discovering PHPV/PFV in our Newborn

we called the Pediatric Ophthalmologist on our own and requested an appointment without a referral. They fit us in the next Monday, and immediately knew something was not right in plain sight.

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Little Four Eyes BINGO

I made up a BINGO card, with each square being a common experience for parents of young children in glasses.  Do you have a bingo (5 in a row, up and down, across, diagonal, or all four corners)?  What other experiences should I have added?

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All those crazy swirling emotions when you find out your child needs glasses

One of the most common things I hear from parents whose child has just gotten glasses is that they’re surprised by the intensity of their emotions, and often they feel bad for feeling bad. I know I was filled with worry and was a bit upset, but more than anything felt guilty for feeling upset. So here’s what I want everyone to know: your feelings are your feelings – they aren’t good or bad or weird, they simply are.

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