Book Review: Amazing Amber and her Lazy Laser Eye (and a give away)

Looking for a fun book for kids who patch for amblyopia? “Amazing Amber and her Lazy Laser Eye” is a new children’s book featuring a superhero named Amber who just happens to need to wear a patch to defeat the villain.

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Your stories: “glasses make her the little person she was always meant to be”

I want to share my journey as a parent to any new parents in this group. I was devastated at first when I heard that our beautiful little firecracker needed glasses when she was a little over two. Hearing that she is severely farsighted (hyperopic) was a tough blow – surprisingly tough – even though she did not suffer and the fix was easy. I researched the issue like crazy, obsessed over the diagnosis and worried about what her future entailed as a bespectacled little lady. I need not have worried.

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