Picture of the day: Find the hidden glasses

It’s time for the favorite game of all parents of young kids in glasses. That’s right! Find the hidden glasses in the toy bin! This picture was shared by Amanda […]

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Your stories: compassion and advocacy

I always hear complaints of teenagers being selfish and rude but I’m not seeing it (this being one example this year). I did ask her if she got made fun of in school, she said that no one makes fun of her except her close group of friends but “they have permission to tease me.” This is the generation that is holds our future, teens who advocate for their friends in need despite the whiplash are superheroes in my book.

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Your stories: “glasses make her the little person she was always meant to be”

I want to share my journey as a parent to any new parents in this group. I was devastated at first when I heard that our beautiful little firecracker needed glasses when she was a little over two. Hearing that she is severely farsighted (hyperopic) was a tough blow – surprisingly tough – even though she did not suffer and the fix was easy. I researched the issue like crazy, obsessed over the diagnosis and worried about what her future entailed as a bespectacled little lady. I need not have worried.

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