Blogs about children’s vision

Welcome to the Little Four Eyes list of blogs. Each blog listed is about children in glasses in some way (even if the blog covers other topics as well).  I have tried to list the main vision topics after the title of the blog.  In some cases, I may add a little bit more information about the blog.  The lists are alphabetical by blog title.

This is a work in progress!  Please let me know if anything is out of date or wrong!  If you have a blog, or know of a great blog that should be listed, please let me know!  I’d love if you could include the URL, the name of the blog, and what vision issues it covers.

This list of blogs is split in to two parts, the first are personal blogs about having a child (or children) in glasses or with vision issues.  These are usually written by parents of children with glasses, and while they all post about glasses and vision issues, most post about topics as well.  The second section is for blogs by eye care professionals or others in the field of vision.  The blogs that are included in this section do write about children’s vision issues, but also post about other vision or optical topics.

If you have a blog listed here (or even if it’s not), check out our Little Four Eyes badges for your blog.

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Personal blogs about having kids in glasses or vision issues

(usually written by parents)

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Blogs about children’s vision by eye care professionals and others in the industry

  • Bjort & Co – amblyopia.  Written by the creator of “The Eye Patch Kids” DVD
  • Bright Eyes News & Updates – optometrist, vision therapy.  Written by Dr. Bonilla-Warford, who I interviewed here.
  • Children’s Eyeworks – a site devoted to children’s and infants’ eyewear.  The blog features interviews with some of the glasses designers.
  • Discovering Vision Therapy – vision therapy, amblyopia, strabismus
  • Dr Lea & Children’s Visions – pediatric ophthalmologist, visual development.  Written by Dr. Lea Hyvärinen, a Finnish pediatric ophthalmologist.  She may be most well-known by people here as the developer of the LEA symbols (the pictures of a house, an apple, a circle and a square that are commonly used as an eye chart for children).
  • Eyes on the Brain – vision therapy, visual development.  Written by Dr. Susan Barry, professor of neurobiology and author of Fixing My Gaze.
  • Ficklets – general children’s vision, glasses accessories.
  • Kids’ Eyes Online – information on children’s vision and eye health, written by Monica Wright, an orthoptist.
  • Mainos Memos – pediatric optometrist, vision therapy.  Written by Dr. Mainos, a Professor of Pediatrics/Binocular Vision at the Illinois Eye Institute/Illinois College of Optometry in Chicago, IL.
  • Orbis – international vision charity
  • Prevent Blindness Georgia – general children’s vision.
  • Seva Canada – international vision charity
  • Woven with Pixie Dust – children’s author.  Written by the Pam Calvert, author of Princess Peepers, and Princess Peepers Picks a Pet.
  • The VisionHelp Blog – vision therapy.

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Other blogs of interest

  • Babies with iPads – documents infants/toddlers with disabilities using an iPad to promote their development.  Includes children with visual impairments.
  • The Independent Little Bee – Expanded Core Curriculum (ECC) for children with vision impairments.

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16 responses to “Blogs about children’s vision

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  4. Wow! This is an amazing list. Now, I don’t know where to start. My daughter has special needs and has been wearing eyeglasses since she was a toddler. I’m so happy that I can read some other people’s experiences. Thank you so much for this blog.


  5. Thanks for these great collection of blogs. I would love to refer blogs on LASIK treatment, an option or not for kids? If possible, I would love to know the age limit. There is a clinic near to my place, SEE by Intravision, Oakville, where their LASIK treatment is getting good response and I was thinking of knowing about this treatment more and try consulting this for my niece. I would appreciate if anyone could help me with good resources.


    • Hi Sandra, LASIK is FDA approved for people age 18 and older. It should only be done once a person’s prescription has stabilized. Children’s vision is still developing.


  6. Does anyone have experience with their children wearing the new “hybrid” contacts. 16-year old daughter has very strong astigmatism in both eyes and wears GP contacts for past 3 years. But they are not working that well for her anymore esp. when playing sports. New eye doctor suggested trying Duette HD lenses. Not sure about the vision clarity with her prescription, however they are refundable if they don’t work for her. Wondering if anyone here has a child (or even adult) who wears these and your opinion of them.


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