Welcome to the Little Four Eyes photo galleries! Browse through the pictures to see just how great glasses and patches can look on kids, and that they really don’t hide your child’s beauty (that was one of my fears). A lot of kids love looking through the galleries, too to see that they’re not alone.

We have three galleries:

Submission and Copyright information

Submit a photo – Share a picture of your beautiful bespectacled child or your patching prodigy. E-mail the picture to ann @ shinypebble . com, along with any information you want put in the caption (such as age, first name, why they wear glasses or patch, where the glasses are from, etc) and permission for me to post the photo on our gallery.

Submit a video – Share a video of your child getting their glasses for the first time.  The easiest way to do this is to post the video on a video sharing site such as YouTube and email the link to along with any information you want me to add and permission for me to post the video in our gallery..

Copyright: All images and videos in these galleries retain the copyright of the photographer. Use of these photos is strictly prohibited without express written permission of the owner of the photo! Contact Ann,, for more information.


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