Your stories: 2646 hours of patching, 3 surgeries, and too many drops to count – our girl is finally done!

A gorgeous photo shoot celebrating the end of 2646 hours of patching!

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Book Review: Amazing Amber and her Lazy Laser Eye (and a give away)

Looking for a fun book for kids who patch for amblyopia? “Amazing Amber and her Lazy Laser Eye” is a new children’s book featuring a superhero named Amber who just happens to need to wear a patch to defeat the villain.

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Book reviews: Three new books written by authors who have been through it! My Bright Blue Glasses, and Jack Wears Glasses and Jack Wears Contact Lenses and Glasses …Just Like You!

I’m excited to be reviewing three new books by Juliette Vignola, and Cynthia Davis and Baby Sue Acree. The authors of these books have all been through glasses either as […]

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