Ask Little Four Eyes: doll with an eye patch

Our second edition of “Ask Little Four Eyes”.  This community is amazing and has a wealth of experience between all of us.  So “Ask Little Four Eyes” is your chance to ask the full community.  If you have a children’s glasses or vision-related question, submit it here and I’ll post it to the blog as well as the facebook page and group.  I’ll collect the responses and update the post with those responses.  – Ann Z.

This question comes from Andrea.  Her 2.5 year old daughter just started wearing a patch.  She’s looking for suggestions of where to find a doll with an eye patch.

In our case, Zoe decorated and cut out “patches” from construction paper and would tape them to various dolls and stuffed animals when she was patching.

Ok, so now it’s your turn to weigh in!  Leave a comment with your thoughts here, and I’ll be back in a few days with update with collected responses.


3 responses to “Ask Little Four Eyes: doll with an eye patch

  1. la la loopsy has one doll with glasses and another in a tree house set with a patch im in ireland so hope this helps..


  2. We use Jr patches on our infant daughter. I would think these would be close to the right size for an 18 inch doll to wear. If you would like one (or a few) I wouldn’t mind to mail you some. We have lots of beautiful designs as big sister likes to pick out L’s patch every day.


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