Book Review: Amazing Amber and her Lazy Laser Eye (and a give away)

Many thanks to Dr. Jason Cheng for sending a copy of this book for me to review. Links to the book on Amazon are affiliate links. That means that I receive a small commission if you order from there after following the links. – Ann Z

Summary of the book

Amazing Amber and her Lazy Laser Eye is a new children’s book featuring a superhero named Amber, who just happens to need to do a bit of patching to defeat a pie-throwing villain.

(image description: book cover of “Amazing Amber and her Lazy Laser Eye” by Eagle Ngo, Mitchell Bagley, and Jason Cheng. It features a young superhero, Amber flying through the sky with one eye patched, and they other eye shooting a laser beam.)

The hero of the story, Amber, can fly and shoot things with her laser eye, and uses those powers to help people. Like all good superhero stories, there is a villain as well. In this case, the villain throws pies at innocent bystanders. Amber shoots the pies down with her laser eye, but when the villain creates a machine that can launch two pies at once, she learns that only one of her laser eyes works. She visits an eye doctor, who tells her that she has lazy eye. She wears a patch over her strong laser eye and practices using her other eye until it becomes just as strong. Using both eyes together, she’s able to defeat the villain and save the day!

(image description: a page from the book showing three children looking up in a tree, where Amber has flown up to retrieve a frisbee. The text says, “But most of all, she loves to help people.”)

(image description: a page from the book showing a young boy with a taunting smile who is launching pies with a pie-launching machine. The text says, “But most of all, he likes to throw pies.”)

(image description: a page from the book showing a bear who is an eye doctor, standing in front of a vision chart. The text reads, “‘You have a lazy eye,’ Dr Teddy tells Amazing Amber. ‘Cover your strong eye with a patch, and then your eyes will become a match.”)


I really enjoyed and appreciated this book. The metaphor of a superhero who needs to strengthen her laser eye works well in the story and kids who need to patch for amblyopia will find her easy to relate to. There is no teasing in the book, or scenes of Amber disliking her patch, though patching is shown as hard work that takes time. The story is fun and funny and easy to follow. There are not a lot of books out there for kids who patch, so this is a welcome addition!

The illustrations by Alecksis Vladimir are bright and colorful and reminiscent of comic books, as is befitting a superhero tale. Amazing Amber is a collaboration between Eagle Ngo, a year -12 student from Brisbane, Mitchell Bagley, an orthoptist, and Dr. Jason Cheng, a Sydney-based ophthalmic surgeon. It is available in print and ebook.

The book is listed as being for grades Kindergarten – 6th grade. I think the book would work well for kids age 4 – 8. The text is not too dense, and the book can be read in one sitting. It would be an excellent book to read out loud to a class to help other children understand why their friend and classmate wears a patch.

Give Away

Updated March 4, 2019: Congratulations to Rachel who was selected from the commenters as the winner of the book give away!

Since Zoe is done with patching, I would love to give my review copy to someone else who would enjoy it. To enter, leave a comment about what super powers your child would want. I will randomly select a commenter to receive the copy on Monday, March 5, 2019. Make sure you leave your email address when you comment so that I can contact you if you’re selected.

11 responses to “Book Review: Amazing Amber and her Lazy Laser Eye (and a give away)

  1. My 4 year old Sunny says his super power would be “ to make everything into rainbows, everywhere and also a lollypop for everybody, even the adults”. 😀


  2. This book looks so cute! Would love to read it to my daughter. I asked her why super power she would like and she said it was a tie between flying and being invisible


  3. Looks like a fun read , my little dude is 16 months and I think if he could have a power he’d want to fly. He’s already trying to run and climb so I think he’d like to fly


  4. My patching daughter Lylah would want to be able run super duper fast and fly!! Those sound like pretty good super powers to me! We would love this book since she has really struggled patching lately. 😦


  5. This book sounds like it would be an amazing tool to help your child and others in understanding an eye patch. My son is 18 months old and just had cataract surgery. We are just starting our road to recovery. My son doesnt say much yet. So I have no response for what his super powers would be…..but I can say he is truly my Superhero….I have never known a true hero until I held my son in recovery.


  6. Love the book! My 3 year old patching kiddo says her magic power is when “my glasses turn into sunglasses when I go outside”.


  7. My little guy would love to fly! This books seems great and I love the idea of helping others realize why he patches!


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