Your stories: “glasses make her the little person she was always meant to be”

Kaisa shared this in the For Little Eyes facebook group and was kind enough to give me permission to share it here – Ann Z

I want to share my journey as a parent to any new parents in this group. I was devastated at first when I heard that our beautiful little firecracker needed glasses when she was a little over two. Hearing that she is severely farsighted (hyperopic) was a tough blow – surprisingly tough – even though she did not suffer and the fix was easy. I researched the issue like crazy, obsessed over the diagnosis and worried about what her future entailed as a bespectacled little lady. I need not have worried.

We may not know how her condition will develop as she grows (it may or may not get better or even disappear; the science is incomplete at best and our eye doctor says she has seen both), but she has taken to her glasses like a fish to water. They are simply a non-issue, both to her and to us, her parents. She sees much better and has never taken them off. Incredibly enough she is also fully functional without them, but they are basically always on.


Kaisa’s daughter. [image description: young girl wearing red glasses and a yellow backpack sits on a train and watches out the window.]

My own journey with this has gone from shock to denial and then very swiftly to acceptance. I was surprised by how fast, furious and deep my reaction was. I guess that it is simply because we love so deeply as parents and because we want the best for our children.

To any parent going through this right now: do get informed and do fight for the best care for your child. But know that it gets better and easier so much faster than you think when you’re in the deepest trenches of (well…) grief. You accept and embrace your little one’s new look so quickly, and you find yourself celebrating the fact that they are getting the help they need.

In the case of our daughter, the glasses make her the little person she was always meant to be. In fact, the very first thought in my mind when I saw her wearing her new glasses for the first time was this: “now she is a CHARACTER, not just my little kid.” I found this thought deeply reassuring and comforting.

In the meantime our daughter has started daycare in a new group where 30% of the kids have glasses making a non-issue even less so.

With warm greetings from Switzerland,

– Kaisa

One response to “Your stories: “glasses make her the little person she was always meant to be”

  1. Thank you for your post. It brought tears to my eyes. My little one / 2.5 was diagnosed with severe farsightedness this morning. The grief is real. I wore glasses as a child, but was much older. Yes, it will be ok, but I’m a few hours from diagnosis and trying to work through all the feelings.


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