Survey about glasses fit (and be entered to win a prize from Eye Power Kids Wear!)

Finding glasses that fit your child can be difficult – parents often are given little to know guidance on how to find glasses that fit a young child’s face (check out our guide on finding glasses that fit). Add to that the fact that many optical shops do not carry much of a selection for small children and may not have staff with much experience fitting kids. It is not uncommon for kids to end up with glasses that don’t fit well, and that can lead to less effective vision correction, uncomfortable frames, and kids who are less likely to wear their glasses.

One of the parents in the For Little Eyes facebook group, Amanda Bettencourt, is looking to compile data about the experiences of US parents whose child(ren) needed glasses under the age of 8. To that end, she’s written a survey to collect parents’ experiences and thoughts. She plans to use this data to better understand the issues around finding glasses that fit well, and to use it to advocate for better processes and education.

For Little Eyes and Eye Power Kids Wear are joining in to offer a giveaway for participants. Participants can enter to win one of three 3-month subscriptions to Eye Power Kids Wear’s Eye Adventure Team Letters! These are fun once a month letters with information topics around vision and eyes.

The survey should take 5-10 minutes to complete. If you would like to enter the giveaway, you’ll be asked for your email address, but that address will not be shared with anyone else. Please share this survey with other parents who have young children in glasses.

(Link to the Survey)

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