It only took 5 months

Sam’s glasses got broken this evening.  We’re not sure how, and I don’t even think he did it. I honestly think Emma did the damage, based on her declaration that “It was an accident, Mama!” when I asked her what happened.

The husband ran down to Target in the hopes of a repair, but the optical shop was closed. We’ll be there bright and early tomorrow morning, though. Keep your fingers crossed that they will be open since tomorrow is a holiday. Cross another couple of fingers that they can be fixed.  I’m not terribly hopeful, but the arm is broken with the hinge still intact.  I don’t know how they broke like that, but maybe, just maybe, the arm can be fixed.

Honestly, I’m sort of surprised that the glasses have lasted this long. I mean, one rambunctious three year old boy + one pair of rather fragile glasses = they will get broken eventually.  And he’s planted his face on the driveway, the floor, the ground, etc so  many times, it’s a wonder that it took 5 months for them to get broken.

2 responses to “It only took 5 months

  1. We were definitely “regulars” at our local eye doctor’s because of how often my oldest’s glasses were broken or needed adjustment that first year (3 yr old). The good news is that we have to go in much less often now.

    Because it is so important for my daughter to always have her glasses on (accomodative esotropia), we have a ‘backup’ pair of frames that usually has her previous lens prescription in. That way, she still has glasses to wear (albeit an older prescription) during the 5-10 days it takes to get replacements if she breaks the current pair.

    Here’s hoping they can fix (or patch) ’em for you!


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