Glasses at school

This came in as a comment from Beth to the Collected Wisdom page, and I wanted to post it on the front page to see if anyone has any good suggestions for her:

My kinderdgartener will not wear her glasses at school (she will for speech only). We have tried everything I can think of. She is fine wearing them at home, but she refuses to wear her glasses in her class and in front of her teacher. She is very strong willed and I can’t even bribe her with something from Build-a-Bear. I am thinking about giving her consequences, but I really not sure that will work either. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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  1. Beth, is there any chance that you might get her teacher involved? I know that they have plenty going on in their classrooms, but maybe her teacher could choose books about kids wearing glasses, or something to help your daughter feel more comfortable with her glasses in the classroom. Though maybe that would just make her feel even more conspicuous. That’s a tough question.


  2. Does your daughter wear her glasses out in public aside from school? Perhaps have her wear her glasses to the playground or an area where there are more kids around so that she gets used to being around kids while wearing her glasses. That way, she can see that the other kids probably won’t care she is wearing her glasses and that it’s not a big deal to do so! And, sometimes, it’s easier to do something “different” around people you don’t know 🙂


  3. Well, I was going to suggest bribery, but I see you’ve already tried that. Maybe if you actually get the bear and sit it where she can see it but can’t get it?

    It sounds a little like she is embarrassed to have the teacher see her with glasses on. I wonder what the chances are that the teacher might wear contacts and be willing to wear her glasses to school instead for a while? Or if there is another kindy teacher that wears glasses, if she would talk to your daughter?


  4. Thank you for your responses. Her teacher has worn her glasses (just for her) and read the Arthur book when DW wants glasses (she thought it was funny that she couldn’t have them). I always point out other characters in books that wear glasses too. I also (got from this site) let her decorate her case and made glasses for her favorite stuffed animals — she was excited about both of those. I think taking her out in public is a great idea. We really haven’t done that at all – except in the car on the way to school. Also, I have spoken to the social worker at school and she is going to try and see if she can help.


  5. Thanks for the update, Beth. It’s great that her teacher is willing to help make her feel more comfortable. Let us know how things continue to shape up.


  6. Some kids look very nice in glasses but it is not a good thing to wear a glass in the childhood. Parents need to care their children because eyes are such a great blessing of Allah. Without eyes everything is dark.



  7. Hello Kevin. All of us are parents of children who need to wear glasses in order to see clearly. We absolutely understand the need to care for and nurture our children’s vision, and that’s what we’re doing by having them wear glasses.


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