Post-Op Update on Teagan

I am long overdue to update everyone on Teagan’s post-op strabismus surgery follow-up.  I am happy to report that Teagan is out of her bi-focals!  The glasses are still needed but we know nothing would change there.  Her crossing is now very minor and within normal range.  We will need to keep following up on it and look for any signs that the crossing is getting worse again, or over correcting.  We are not out of the woods with the possibility for another surgery but so far it looks good!  Phew!!

The other update to give is that Teagan is also out of the cast she had from her tibia fracture.  She is a little unsure of her leg right now, it must feel weak, but she is doing great… and smelling better since being able to take a proper bath!

4 responses to “Post-Op Update on Teagan

  1. Teagan is wearing the glasses we had bought prior to the bi-focals since the upper half of her bi-focal lenses were the same. We need to buy her a new pair because they are getting pretty beat up, but were hoping to wait until she grew into a few more choices. She is almost three and I’m hoping some of the smaller kids frames might fit her now.

    If anyone knows about what age the kids frames start to fit I would love to know. Or if there are any new brands out there that I may not have heard of yet. The biggest bonus is that she is on our vision plan now so a good chuck of the new glasses should be covered (for the first time)!


  2. hi,
    my 3yr old daughter is about to have the strabismus surgery in 2 weeks and to tell you the truth i am petrified about the whole thing. How did your child deal with the surgery and do you have any suggestions to help me and my daughter get through this?? Did you talk with your child about the surgery or just do it??
    Would appreciate any comments 😉


  3. Hi Sarah, I know how you feel about the surgery! Our daughter had strabismus surgery when she was 9 months old. It was very scary! Since she was so little, we obviously could not communicate with her what was about to happen! However, our oldest daughter had to go through several procedures when she was three, and we talked to her about it briefly right before the procedures. The most important thing, I think, is that you don’t let her know your fears, that you are calm and positive about it, and that you assure her that it will make her eyes better! Our daughter is going to have a second surgery soon, and pretty much the most that we will be telling her when it gets to be close is that her doctor will make her eyes better while she is sleeping. Our children can sense when we are nervous or upset about something and when they do, it will transfer to them. The worst part about the whole thing is when they first come out of anesthesia. As long as you are prepared for that and can remain calm and know that once she goes back to sleep and wakes back up, she will be better, you will be able to handle that time much better! All the best to you and your daughter! I know it will be a very scary day, but God will take care of your little one!


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