My First Post – Introduction

My child saw horses from the car window for the first time this week.“Look mommy, there are horses – neigh” For most parents this wouldn’t be a big deal. But we drive past these horses many times each week, and my daughter had never been able to see them before.

We brought Elliana to physical therapy weekly for infant torticollis at 4 months old. That evolved into not using her right side of her body to crawl and continued PT. Around this time, we also noticed her right eye drifting to the side. We brought her to the pediatrician who said that her eyes look great and she saw nothing wrong. She looked at me and told me that I knew my child the best and if I thought there may be something wrong, it is important to have it looked at by a specialists and then referred me to a pediatric ophthalmologist. She also recommended that I get a picture of it.

Since then, we’ve had multiple visits to the ophthalmologist, patched 4 hours a day, and she is now in glasses. We have 4 more weeks of glasses before we begin daily eye drops.

I am excited that the glasses have allowed her to experience a whole new world, but also worried about her future and hope that this blog will continue to be a source of encouragement and information on our glasses journey. 11nov08-375

2 responses to “My First Post – Introduction

  1. Yes, the drops will also be used as an exercise to strengthen her right eye. I would love to hear if any other kids have done the eye drops, as I am wondering how it will go.


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