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In my quest for a perfect patch, I have been introduced to Camille at Her patch will be featured on one of my future Friday postings. She asked if I wanted to try out a head strap to help keep Elly’s glasses on as well. Thankfully, this is probably the only thing we don’t have issues with, but I know that there are some parents on the site with kids who’s glasses slip. She asked me to post the following as she wants to get parents input and offer a free headstrap to those who will use it.

“Are you frustrated with the battle of keeping your child’s glasses from slipping? You take your child to get the frame adjusted to realize an hour later that their ears hurt but if loosened any … your back to the slide. There may be a solution to help. Camille wants to hear from you…please call 208-860-7237 to request a FREE new eye glasses retainer (head strap) that may resolve your concern. She has many years working as a certified ophthalmic assistant in pediatric ophthalmology and as an optician as well. She had already helped thousands of patients with their patching needs (see but she is now looking to get honest feedback from parents interest in trying her latest idea; whether you child patches or not. She believes strongly in testing products and altering it when needed before selling them to her customers. She will be giving away eyeglass retainers to the first 24 parents who contact her. She is also interested in hearing from any parents out there that have tried the head retainer from to see if this is another item she may want to stock. You can also reach her by email at Thank you!”

Camille Workman


208-860-7237 or toll free 877-327-7225 M-F 9-5pm (PST)

4 responses to “Free Headstrap from

  1. So funny since I just talked to her today too!!!

    She is SOOOO nice and ever so knowledgable.

    She is going to make a custom patch for Belle and mentioned she was testing headstraps – Belle doesn’t need one but BOY ever does my 8 year old son need one!!! He has autism and is not always so good about keeping his glasses on his head as he is very active, they slide down, get stretched out, etc. So, she is sending one with Belle’s patch for Alex.


  2. Well, this would solve the perennial problem of glasses falling from kid’s heads. Helps, since a lot of the kids I take care off can have their glasses fall and, strangely, not notice it.


  3. I haven’t talked to Camille yet, but we got our strap yesterday. It’s very soft with no clasps across the back of Penny’s head (like normal straps do and if she lays on her back it could be right at the pressure point). It works well with Penny’s cable temples (curl behind her ears). It definitely keeps the glasses from sliding down her nose, and it has the added advantage that it helps keep Penny from pulling her glasses down her face (she still can, but it’s harder to do). So far so good!


  4. We just got a cute pair of sunglasses from Zenni, but Elly won’t keep them on since they are not cable temples (ARGH) I’m going to call frame huggers and see if she is still offering these headstraps!


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