I love me some Target!

Ok, so I love Target in general and sometimes think I should just hand over our paycheck to them at times, but I’m even more lucky because our Target is a super Target and has an optical store in it and that’s where we got Sam’s glasses.

It’s been about 14 months since he got his first pair. We are now on to pair #3. Last week, he came up to me holding them in his hands and said “Momma, the glass fell out of my glasses!”
Sure enough, it had. I was hoping that the lens had just popped out, but discovered that the frame was broken. I don’t know what happened to it, and Sam says that he was wearing his glasses when the lens just fell out. But, he is prone to throwing them when mad, so I’m guessing that it finally caught up with us.

So, off to Target we go. Now, I’m totally expecting to have to buy new frames and we do. But I was so happy to find that they still had the same frames in stock, so we didn’t have to buy new lenses. And, they have a one year warranty on them, so we only had to pay half price for them.

So, I think that the Target Optical store totally rocks for keeping the same pair of frames in stock for 14 months and having a pretty decent warranty on kids frames.

One response to “I love me some Target!

  1. Yeah for Target!!! I have never tried their optical department, but we love Target (much better than Walmart… no offence!). Thanks for sharing! We will have to keep that in mind!


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