Reader question: siblings of a child in glasses

This came up in a comment from Erin, “I would love to hear what people say about the younger siblings is the glasses.  My son is ALWAYS grabbing at mine and my husbands and we’re not as close to the ground as my daughter is.”

Zoe is an only child, so we don’t have any experience with this, but I’ve always wondered about this particular question.  So those of you with more than one kid, have you run into problems with grabbing of glasses or jealousy or teasing by the child without glasses?  Any advice?

3 responses to “Reader question: siblings of a child in glasses

  1. I have two kids. Aubrie will be 4 in December, and Everett turned 2 in August. They are 20 months apart, and the day Everett was born Aubrie also got her glasses. When he was a baby he’d grab her glasses anytime she was near his face. Now that he’s older, we have had instances where he grabs her glasses and runs, or he has twisted them and they have broken. He really enjoys tormenting his sister! It’s times like those that we are so glad we have a warranty! He is kind of growing out of stealing her glasses now which is good. For the most part, just like the other kids at day care, he ignores her glasses. It’s like they see them as part of her and leave it alone. I’m sure the sibling teasing is to come, but they are too young for that right now. They just prefer to fight and wrestle instead.


  2. I have three girls. They are 5, 3, and 19 months. The two older ones wear glasses. The 19 month old definitely drives them both nuts by yanking off their glasses. I am usually pretty firm about telling her to leave them alone. The older girls also have strict instructions to try and get them away from her and to get a parent immediately. The 19 month old has recently said “glasses” and pointed to her face. I guess she fills left out since they both wear them. She has also started bringing their glasses to me if she finds them anywhere. So far she has not broken a pair but not for lack of trying. I guess I never considered she would feel different since she’s not in glasses and they both are. According to our last PO visit she will probably have to wear them just not right now.


  3. Bennett is our 3rd child and he was in glasses before our fourth baby arrived. I think because she only ever knew him in glasses it wasn’t an issue? Ben’s now almost 5, Emy’s 3 and Joseph is a year. Our youngest has sometimes tried to pull off Bennett’s glasses but Ben is quick to call for help so he doesn’t hurt the baby or the glasses in snatching them back.

    There were a couple times that Emy would get mad at her brother and deliberately knock his glasses off but we quickly explained that was absolutely not okay – the hitting or the aiming for glasses!

    My husband & I are both in glasses, too, and numerous times the baby has snatched my glasses off while nursing. It’s taken a lot of consistent reminders to be gentle and not touch glasses but so far Joseph has not broken any pairs of Bennett’s – he has broken my glasses, though!


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