It is hard enough to get a “perfect” holiday picture of a young child, much less one in glasses. It seams like if I have a picture that truly captures her face in the moment, there is often a glare in her glasses which leaves a bright light, her eyes are completely facing 2 different directions, or she is in motion and the picture is out of focus.

I am a firm believer that since my daughter wears glasses and they are a part of who she is, that they must stay on for photographs. Since a photograph is a way to remember an event or occasion and she would have them on – they stay on.

Here are completely non-professional tips I can share with you on taking pictures that have helped us.

1. Turn the flash off – use natural light (early morning or evening work best)

2. Try not to have the sun or other light shining directly on their glasses

3. Take the picture from an angle (not like my kid looks at the camera much anyways)

4. Have an assistant help – my husband usually puts silly things on my head and askes questions like… What color bow does the reindeer have on? to get her to look in my direction.

5. Take LOTS of pictures and delete the ones that you are not happy with.

6. Edit the picture you like in a program (Picasa isn’t bad and is free)

I still get a little glare – but OH well!  I think my kiddo looks adorable in glasses =)

I’d love to hear your “tricks” to reduce glasses glare with a non-professional camera!

3 responses to “Say “CHEESE!”

  1. What a great topic. And great picture of your kiddos, too!

    We haven’t had too much trouble with glare, or reflections from the flash, that might be because we got the anti-reflective coating. When we do use the flash, I think it works better to stand further back and use the zoom, since closer pictures seem to cause more flash reflections. I also have to be careful about red eye correction when Zoe is wearing red glasses (I use picasa, too), because sometimes the program thinks the red from the glasses are part of the red eye.

    I love the natural light that you get on cloudy days when it’s still pretty bright. But that doesn’t help us with pictures in the winter, since we’re all so bundled up outside that you couldn’t see any of our faces anyway 🙂


  2. Thanks for the great suggestions…I was JUST dealing with this issue this morning,trying to get some pictures of the girls by our Christmas tree. this is just one more thing I didn’t think about-I am sort of a picture freak, I follow my kids around constantly with our camera, so these are great tips on how to reduce the bright light glare. Because I certainly plan to continue taking tons of pictures-glasses and all:)


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