My Sunday Morning Plea

“I am a princess.

Princesses do not wear glasses.

Cinderella doesn’t have glasses.

Belle doesn’t have glasses.

Arielle doesn’t have glasses.

Tinkerbell doesn’t have glasses.

Nemo doesn’t wear glasses.”  says Elliana on this cold Sunday morning.  She has refused to put her glasses on for over an hour.

Please DISNEY, hear my plea… will you please create a character that wears glasses.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

15 responses to “My Sunday Morning Plea

  1. Yes, but George – Is Leo a beautiful little girl that loves all things pink and sparkly? Have you ever noticed, if there is a young character with glasses, it is usually a little boy. Oh, how I long for a beautiful little girl series where the star has glasses. It would be my dream come true =)


  2. If she likes Blues Clues the book Magenta Gets Glasses, is wonderful and Magenta is a girl character who picks out purple glasses.


  3. Well, probably the absolute cutest, and very famous at the moment, is Jeanette from the Chipettes (Alvin and the Chipmunks). I saw this movie with my daughter last week and she was so in love with Jeanette because “She wears glasses like me”. She can be clumsy but so can my daughter sometimes. I think she’s a great character because she’s super cute. But there should be more, I agree. Here’s a clip from Youtube.

    Another cute thing on Youtube is when she sings the song “Clumsy” by Fergie. Look for that one too.


  4. Here’s the clip for “Clumsy”. Thought I’d just post it instead of anyone having to look for it. I think it’s cute and so does my daughter. She was just watching it with me and singing along.


    • She is tooo cute! We don’t own a TV – so I am out of the loop on shows and movies. If it doesn’t show up in a book, we don’t know about it. BUT, I may have to rent the chipmunks when it comes out on DVD. McDonalds has the characters in their Happy Meals and 2 out of 6 of the little toys had glasses =)


      • Yes, that would be Simon and Jeanette. We already got both from Mcdonalds. They’re so cute. My son doesn’t wear glasses but he thinks Simon is “cool” with his glasses. I used to watch the old cartoons and I was thinking of trying to find some of them to buy since the show isn’t even on anymore. I personally liked the old cartoons better. The movie was cute too, though.


  5. I loved the little one in the chipmunks too! My little girl paris is only two but we took her to see it and she loved it and the fact that she had glasses, so cute, she was by far my favourite (not biased or anything!) it is definitely nice to see characters with glasses. Also a brilliant one to look at is the character from Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs! I love the fact that her little boyfriend puts her glasses back on and says she looks better and smarter with them! Great role model stuff!!


  6. Yep!!! The only princess that wears glasses is Princess Peepers – I wish Disney had a princess with glasses. I believe my very first blog post re: my daughter and glasses was on this exact same topic!


  7. The problem is that my 3 year old thinks that nothing in the world is more beautiful than the princesses at this moment (Fancy Nancy and Tinkerbell come close) and she wants to be just like them, which includes putting her dress up clothes on and taking her glasses off. We love the “Tiny” books as they have a little boy who wears glasses, because he is just so cute and getting glasses isn’t what the story is about. Why can’t someone make a princess or “girly” book about fun adventures, but have the little girl wear glasses. Maybe I need to start writing to some book authors…


  8. I know this is an old post, but I’m commenting to say – we finally have one! Honey Lemon from Big Hero 6! (Although that movie hasn’t come out yet.)


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