Framehuggers Patch – my mail surprise!

It is always fun to get mail, a new patch in the mail is like icing on the cake =)  WHOOOO HOOOO!  Oh, can you tell patching for umpteen million hours a day for the last thousands, no wait, gazillion days gets boring….

A new patch is always exciting in our house.  Sometimes our sweet neighbor girls make my daughter one and leave it on our doorstep so they can be patching twins (she patches too) other times Camille at frame huggers sends us a new product she is trying out for our input.  I guess it is one benefit to being a long time patcher. 

Her latest trial is a sticker slicker… which is a soft patch with an extra vinyl piece to put a sticker on.  Elly was extremely excited about putting stickers on it, although I can see a little goo build up as we are a little sticker happy at this household.  All in all, we gave it a seal of approval.  Besides, who can resist an adorable little girl with a hot pink patch!!!!

To see all of her products, visit  and if you need something for your glasses or have a specific patching request, she is very talented, creative, and dedicated to helping our little ones, so just send her an e-mail.

One response to “Framehuggers Patch – my mail surprise!

  1. That sounds SO like our house too!! We are currently eagerly awaiting a new patch and matching bear from Camille ( I love that woman). She is so amazing to talk to also. I called her from Australia a couple of nights ago and it was as though I had known her for years. So giving with her time and advice also and genuniely caring. Paris thanked her for the patch and “making her eye better”! You rock Camille!! Your little girl looks adorable in her patch AMomofelly!! How is she going after the surgery??? Love and hugs and support to you both.
    Ingrid and Paris xxx


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