Sugery Update with Pictures

There have been some questions lately on how my 3 year old daughter, Elliana, is doing 2 months after her surgery. I have been meaning to post an update and just haven’t had the chance.

My daughter is just one of many kids who have Lateral Rectus Eye Muscle Surgery and each child reacts differently.  Please remember that I am not an expert, just a loving parent, so this is by no means medical advice or how other children may react.

Our Ophthalmologist said that she appears to be adjusting harder than most and is struggling a bit.  I also just had a new baby (he is 3 months old) so the last 3 months have really rocked my daughters’ world.  She is now down to waking up with nightmares only 1 or 2 times every night and is having less bathroom accidents (Se was potty trained for a whole year prior to surgery)  Thankfully, her light sensitivity seems to have disappeared.  We have also started giving her temple massages, which seem to help relax her.

My biggest worry for recovery is that we would have to go in again for surgery.  We were told that 10% of our PO’s patients need to go in for “touch ups,” as the surgery is based on measurements, but each child’s eyes reacts differently.  They overcorrected her eyes because statistically, eyes will drift outward again following surgery.  Because of this, her eyes were crossing in a lot in the beginning.  They still seem to me to be inward, but the PO said it is because I am not used to seeing her eyes straight.  When her glasses are off (right before bed) her eyes are all over the place.  I am told this is normal.

Right now, I am still a little worried, but it seems like her eyes just need a little more time to get used to their new position.  The prescription in her stronger eye has changed from -1 to -3. I am told this is also normal as her brain is recognizing the weaker eye and making adjustments.  Here are some pictures to help tell her story.  I promise she is usually smiling from ear to ear, but HATES to look at the camera. 

The first picture was taken in December before the surgery.  The second picture was taken the day after and the third picture is from today – 2 months after the surgery.  The only way I could get her to look at the camera was to let her eat the candy from the candy necklace she just made =)

17 responses to “Sugery Update with Pictures

  1. She’s adorable! I hope she doesn’t need more surgery. Our youngest was born w/ an incomplete uvula(partial cleft in his soft palate) and had surgery at one yr of age to correct it AND surgery was done to put tubes in his ears. I was told that in 15% of cases a 2nd surgery is needed for the cleft. I’ve seen him in recovery and its not fun as I assume it has been for your daughter ;( Poor kids.


  2. Thank you so much for sharing your story. Glad to hear that the light sensitivity is gone. I know how frustrating it can be when your child isnt doing “perfect” after surgery. Hopefully everything will work out and a second surgery wont be needed. Take care.


  3. Well done amomofelly! She looks great. I know it must be so difficult to watch your little one go through this but thankfully she will probably not even remember it. Can I ask how her eyes are without the glasses alignment wise?
    We are currently having big struggles with patching, perhaps because she is two and getting more defiant. I am thinking I might be forced to put a sticky patch on. As much as I am a big fan of framehuggers, she is just continually taking her glasses off when she has the patch on. I have no choice. I think perhaps if she has to have a sticky patch she will want to keep the frame hugger on!! I know you tried a lot of patches, could you recommend a good sticky patch?
    You are in my thoughts and I sincerely hope Elliana keeps getting better and better as I am sure she will.


    • Ingrid – I have been meaning to send a reponse to you….My 5 year old, Emma, has been patching now for a year. Although she currently prefers to use Anissa patches we used sticky patches exclusively when she first started patching. She had quite a reaction to the patches her PO used in his office so they recommended we try Ortopad patches as they have a milder adhesive. I had a lot of sucess with them (she did well wearing them) and they did not irritate Emma’s skin. Because she doesn’t like them anymore I have quite a bit leftover….if you would like to try some before buying I would be more than happy to send some to you. We have quite a variety of patterns!


    • Rhonda, Elly absolutely LOVES her glasses, so we don’t read any books to her about not liking her glasses. I would, however, be thrilled if you wrote a 2nd book with an adorable little girl as the mail character talking about how wonderful her glasses are!


  4. My son patched for 6 months prior to strabismus surgery an the best patches that stuck the best was the brand ORTOPAD my son loved them because u could get them with designs on them. He just had the strabismus surgery 2 weeks ago an is doing wonderful an can even see better!!!


    • Hi I just left the drs today and my daughter will need the surgery on both eyes I’m so so frightened especially when she told me the complications she said “uncommon” but it still stuck with me I left not making the appt and my stomach has been in knots since the morning and I just feel so sick . Can everyone who had experience with the surgery tell me how it went for you ?


  5. Thanks everyone for the kind words. When her glasses are off, her eyes turn WAY in. Makes me worried, but because of her high Myopia, she must wear them at all times. We go pack next week for our 3rd Post Op appointment.


  6. Hi amomofelly, I am so happy to see how far your Elly has come! I am so that this has been so tough on her! She does look GREAT! I know that with our daughter although her eyes are mostly straight when she has the glasses on, her left eye will immediately turn in as soon as we take the glasses off. Our PO told us that this will be the case until she is between 10-12 years-old until her eyes are fully developed and she has gotten the muscle strength to keep the eye straight even when the image she is getting is not clear and the brain wants to shut out that image. I guess it does make sense, but I am with you, I always worry for her! You did great! I know this has been mostly tough on you!


  7. Hi Corrie,
    Thank you so much. I would love to take you up on that offer.I cannot order them on the American website and to order them through the Australian distributer it is SO expensive. So if I could try them first that would be awesome. Thank you!
    Would you mind emailing me for my address – it is
    Many thanks again


    • Hi Ingrid, I am sorry, it was actually Christy, who had some ortopad patches available that you can try. Unfortunately, we have used up all of ours. I hope she will stop back by to respond to your e-mail. Our Ellie actually did better with the MYIpatches from Fresnel Prism as they don’t come off when she sweats.:) Take care! All the best to you and your little Paris! I know these are the tough times, but totally worth it!!


  8. Thanks so much Corrie and thank you for the email. I am going to sit down and respond properly to you and I will also send some pics of Paris. The pics of Ellie were beautiful and great to be able to show Paris another little girl with her patch on!
    By the way Christy, thank you for the offer and I would love them. My email address is


  9. Hi there,
    Just wondering if anyone has some fresnel prism sticky patches they are not using or have left over. I would love to try them before purchasing as I am in Australia and the shipping is quite expensive. I just dont want to be left with a big box of them if my daughter wont even wear them.
    Many thanks,


  10. thank you so much Christy. I would greatly appreciate them. I think I may have to do the sticky ones becasue I can’t do anything and she has whipped the glasses off with the framehugger. It would be so good to try them first before buying. Can I put the postage amount into your bank account. If you send me your details I will do it asap.
    Thank you again.


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