Good News!

Nicholas has normal baby vision and tracks like a 1 year old at 5 months!!!  We still see his eye turn in, but they think it is the skin folds and we will keep checking his eyes every 4 months.  They showed me how to tell by looking at where the light is in his eyes.  They are in the same place in both the left and right eye when they shine a light into his eyes.  Although I do not shine a light into his eyes, I now find myself checking all his pictures.  Yes, the reflection / light spot, is in the same place in every picture.  “Sigh”

4 responses to “Good News!

  1. An overachiever, that Nicholas! That’s great news – and a great picture (you always post such good pictures). The light reflection in Zoe’s eyes is the first thing I check on every photo of her. It’s probably not the healthiest thing for me, but I’m just always wanting to see if her eyes are still straight.


    • It is because he has to be able to track well in order to watch Elly. She is constantly in motion. And thanks for the picture compliment. My hubbie gave me a nicer camera a while ago and I LOVE it!


  2. Yay!!! I am very happy for you that your little Nicholas’ eyes are fine! I know you are relieved with everything Elly is going through! He is SOOOOOOOOO cute, too!


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