The New Specs

I recently posted about Grace’s new prescription. She went from +200 to +450. One of the first things mentioned when I went to fill her prescription was how heavy and thick her new lenses would be. I was torn between just trying out the new ones with standard lenses or spending more (DOUBLE!!) for high-index lenses. The concept of high-index lenses is pretty neat – using new plastic lens material that is more efficient thus requiring less material to be used = a thinner and lighter lenses.

So in theory, a great alternative minus the cost… but here’s picture of our darling. You will notice her glasses are really pushing down on her cute little ears. This has always been an issue that seemed more aesthetic than comfort. Recently though it’s gotten worse and she isn’t wanting to wear her glasses. Anyone else experience this and have words of wisdom to share. Any tips would be great.

7 responses to “The New Specs

  1. My daughters old glasses did that to her ears ( miraflex) because her head was so small and the band that wrapped around the back went to0 far down on the back of her head..She is tiny for her age.. Her new ones only have the cable temples and not the band and they work out great for her.. Good luck to you!!
    she is adorable btw~~


  2. Great new glasses! She looks precious, too- Wish I had some great advice on her ears. That’s no fun! My daughter has cable temples and they bug her earlobes like crazy, but I can’t seem to get them loosened without breaking them!


  3. Such a great picture. I love high-index lenses (our whole family has them). I wish I had words of wisdom about her glasses not fitting. I do know that when my glasses weren’t fitting right and were pushing on my ears, I could not stand to wear them more than 10 minutes at a time. Have you taken them in for more adjusting?


  4. My daughters MiraFlex did the same (bent her ears down) so I took her and her glasses back to the shop at her Dr. office where we purchased them and the optometrist was able to heat them and bend the ear pieces to fit over her ears better. Her ears do still bend slightly although they are much better than they were.


  5. Miraflex here too and they bend the ears down as well. Although we haven’t been wearing lately b/c he managed to pop out a lens and loose it, and our appt. is Monday (4 hours away) so we’ll ask about the ear thing in addition when we get the lenses fixed.


  6. We finally found a strap at Wal-Mart for my 2yo’s glasses, and the good part is that they take pressure off the ears. Perhaps for your daughter – a strap, depending on the style, will gently pull the glasses back, so they don’t rest so much on the ears. It works perfect for my 2yo, and she also takes much better care of her glasses since using the cable. (No more ripping off and tossing them every time they slide down her nose.)


  7. Hi Miss Mommy! I’m surprised the eye glass shop didn’t recommend the expensive lenses if they thought it would be too heavy or thick (since we go to the same one and the women there spent some time discussing this option with me).

    Ben wears a +650 so we had to get the high-index lenses. He wore the Miraflex for a while but they never bent down his ears. The high-indexes are hideously expensive compared to the “regular” ones though, bringing the cost to over $250 for a single pair. Sadly, we do not have a vision plan.


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