Princess Peepers Contest Winners

Prince Peerless the brave, nobel, and chunky would like to announce the 3 prize winners were a tie and names needed to be drawn.  Your children are ADORABLE!!!!  2 families will each receive a signed hardcover copy of “Princess Peepers,” courtesy of Pam Calvert!!!  And one winner will receive a paperback copy of the book – sure wish I had more to send to everyone!  Please watch your mailboxes for an e-mail from me with all the details. Thank you to all who participated!!!!

If you have not yet read this adorable book, I strongly encourage you to do so!  It would make an awesome gift for a friend when they join “The Glasses Club,”  as a thank you to your ophthamologist and as an addition to your home library.

Grand Prize Winners of autographed, hardcover copy of “Princess Peepers”:

Ingrid, Chloe, and Paris


Winner of paper back copy of “Princess Peepers”:

Gracy and Sarah

Other royalty!!!  You all make the most spectacular prince and princesses!!!!!


Knight Liam

2 responses to “Princess Peepers Contest Winners

  1. Oh wow, everyone looks fantastic. Thank you sooooo much. Paris is soo looking forward to receiving the wonderful book x


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