A quick panic – Picture with eyes crossing

I opened this picture of Elly and had a quick moment of panic.  Since her 2nd surgery I have looked over all her pictures with a fine tooth comb trying to notice any changes in her eye position.  I opened this picture and took a deep breath.  Then I remembered we had a little Halloween event before the surgery… Phew.  Although she only had her right eye operated on, her left eye has also looked straighter.  So far, her brain is liking the new eye position.   At this point, we are not seeing any of the crossing in as her eyes look in this picture (YEAH!!!!)

What do you do with these pictures?  Should I save it?  Do I just delete it?  Suggestions please!

6 responses to “A quick panic – Picture with eyes crossing

  1. I understand your quick feeling of panic. My son has worn glasses since he was 2, he’s now 5 and just started patching his right eye this month. I pray that the patching works for him. I feel like we finally have an eye doctor taking us in the right direction.

    As for your question, I don’t delete the pictures. I guess I have deleted some in the past that were really bad. But, it is part of who they are. Some day when they are all grown up, they might look back and wince at those pictures, but they might be somewhat humbled knowing everything they had to go through in order to correct their eyes.


    • Yah I agree with Jen… It might be a bad days or situation but looking back is always good to treasure more what they have for the moment. And that way, they will love us more for doing everything just to correct their eye sight.


  2. I just file all those pictures away. One day, I think I’ll be able to look on them fondly instead of with panic. I agree with Jen’s idea that these photos are a part of their individual history and will serve as proof that they overcame obstacles–something to look at in a positive light. Doesn’t make them easy to look at now, though! I totally understand what you’re saying.


  3. I file the pictures, too. For one, it’s nice to look back and use them for comparison, or to show other parents who are wondering what strabismus looks like. But I have a hard time looking at those types of pictures, too.

    So glad to hear Elly’s eyes are responding well this time!


  4. I struggle with this too. It seemed as though Emma’s eye crossing became so much worse between our initial PO visit and when she got her glasses and as a result I have quite a few pictures of her with her one eye crossed (it was near constant by the time we finally got her glasses). Those pictures are very hard to look at but I didn’t get rid of them either. To me they are the beginning of Emma’s journey and it’s inspiring to see just how far she has come.

    I’m glad to hear that Elly’s eyes are doing better….. = )


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