A squint?

2 weeks ago, our PO dialated her eyes to see if her perscription changed. I understand that it has changed slightly, from a -8.5 to a -9 and for most kids this wouldn’t be a big deal.  Elliana’s eyes however, love perfection.  Early on, they tried to underfil her script with a -6.5, but her brain wanted the whole perscription.  I can tell when her perscription needs changing just by her personality.  It is quite amazing.  Unfortunately, we are seeing her squint more and more.  This could be a couple of things.  1. That she needs new glasses with the exact perscription. (ordered and waiting on) or 2. She has realized that the world is more precise and clear in the center of her eye and she, as a result, closes her eyes to make the blurrier message dissapear.  Either way, I would like to figure out what is going on. 


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