5 responses to “Nash

  1. Thank You I hope they will or call help me out I live in NY… I e-mailed them and I am waiting to hear back from them…

    Question(s): How long has your son wore glasses? and has he broke them yet? Do they fall off or stay on quite well? and if he were to pull them off how is the durability of them? (for ex: if he pulled them off do they brake apart easily or can they take a 10 month old taking them off and fiddling with them; are they fairly strong durability to where if he was to pull them off……. then he pulls them off; and nothing happens to them??
    also are these the only glasses you son has wore or have you tried any other brands? What made you switch to silhouette frames?

    sorry for the (many) questions I have just been on the search for a nice pair of glasses…. I just don’t want it to be to good to be true… I am willing to pay out of pocket…
    Thank you SOOOO very much in advance!!


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