Keeping the glasses on

For the most part, now that she’s used to her glasses, Zoe is great at leaving them on. She takes them off when she sees Chris cleaning his glasses, and hands him hers to get cleaned as well. Then she’ll take my glasses off and hand them to him. She’s big on glasses cleanliness, I guess.

Otherwise, she generally only takes them off when she’s throwing a tantrum, and then she whips them around and throws them, which is where I’d love some advice. We’ve tried so hard to always stay positive with the glasses, but now I’m thinking we need to find a way to communicate that that isn’t acceptable. Any advice or experience on keeping her from expressing her anger with her glasses?

2 responses to “Keeping the glasses on

  1. Maybe, if you think about what has helped with other actions you wish to avoid. I’m thnking that giving her something to do, instead of what not to do, will keep everyone involved happier.

    So perhaps quickly taking them from her before the expected fling while saying “you’re mad, give mommy your glasses”. At least you validate the feeling, and give a reasonable action to follow.


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