Glasses “cleaning” update

Ann mentioned this in passing in her last post, but I thought it was cute enough to warrant a full description.

Zoe no longer views me as the cleaner-of-glasses. She formerly would hand me her glasses for cleaning, then gather up everyone else’s glasses and bring them to me for cleaning. Not anymore – now she’s the cleaner-of-glasses.

The cycle generally begins with her walking up to me and pointing at the pants pocket where I keep my glasses cleaning cloth. I’ll give it to her and she’ll take off her glasses and “clean” them. She understands that the cleaning process involves a cloth and rubbing, but she’s not exactly clear on the mechanics. This frequently means holding glasses by the lenses and rubbing the earpieces. Zoe cleaning my glasses is probably the leading cause of dirty glasses.

Then she’ll work her way around the room, getting each person’s glasses and cleaning them. Usually there’s only one pass and she’ll return the cloth to its plastic envelope or try to put it back in my pocket. Sometimes she’ll start the process over.

At this point, the adults will be tempted to re-clean their glasses. This is a mistake. If Zoe sees you cleaning your glasses — well, that’s her job. Start the process over.

Maybe Ann should make another parenting flowchart.

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