More Costco love

This morning we were heading to Costco to pick up a few things, when Zoe exclaimed “uh-oh!” in a bit of a concerned manner. There’s rarely anything good that comes accompanied by the concerned “uh-oh.” I looked back to see her holding her glasses in one hand, and the little plastic nose piece in the other.

picture of Zoe’s glasses with the nose piece correctly attached.

Since we were already heading to Costco, we decided to see if they would fix her glasses, even though the glasses were not purchased there. And indeed, the optician there was happy to fix them right up, and even cleaned them and complimented us on the cute glasses. I asked if they had any frames that would fit Zoe, but they don’t have any that are small enough, which kills the idea of buying a spare pair there. But, it’s good to know that if we did pick up a spare pair online, we could go to Costco to have them adjusted or fixed.

2 responses to “More Costco love

  1. Costco rocks. I know we don’t go to the same Costco, so that’s two now in the Twin Cities with helpful, friendly optical staff. I recently bought sunglasses from them and didn’t realize until they’d been sent back twice that my stupid eye doctor had written down my prescription wrong when I was there with Franklin one time. Grrr… Costco has replaced my lenses 3 times now (I couldn’t figure out why they were giving me head-aches!) with no problems! I wish they carried smaller frames!!!


  2. I’ve been to both the Eden Prairie and St. Louis Park Costco’s optical departments, and have had good experience with both.


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