Must Play

Not much to report about Franklin and his glasses lately, life has been moving along normally. I have been noticing a trend though; Franklin has been trying to get away with not wearing his glasses recently. Hmmm. As in, he doesn’t put them on right away in the morning until we mention it to him, and when he takes them off for a nap or whatever, he’ll ask if he can have some “glasses-free” time. I was worried that he was not wanting to wear them anymore, so I just flat out asked him what was going on. Basically, his response was “they take too long to put on, Mommy!” Heh? Apparently he just wants to play and the 25 seconds it takes him to put on the frames (including the Nerd Strap) is simply too long to wait. Sigh. Maybe we’ll have to instigate a “glasses-free time” along with “naked time” so he can really cut loose.

Also, one of the 4 yr olds who comes to my library’s storytimes recently showed up in glasses. He’d been in them about a week, and his mother said he seemed to be adjusting well. I told him my son had glasses too, and he really perked up. His mom said he doesn’t have any other friends who wear glasses, so I showed him a picture of Franklin. The good thing about Franklin being an older “Little Four Eyes” is the fact that there are more and more kids his age getting glassesFranklin on the Field at the Metrodome. They can bond. 🙂

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