very little four eyes

I was back at the eye glasses store with Zoe today (she’d lost a screw from her glasses and we didn’t have any small enough for her frames), seriously, I feel like we’re there all the time. While we were waiting for her glasses to get repaired, another family came in with a little baby girl in an infant carseat carrier, looking extremely cute in the tiniest pair of glasses I’d ever seen. They looked a lot like Zoe’s frames, but they were pink with purple checks. I talked with her dad a bit as we waited. The girl was 5 months old (“nearly 6 months” yells the mom from across the store). She had cataracts surgery in one eye, so needs a corrective lens for that eye, and wears a patch on the other eye for around 5 hours a day, to help strengthen the eye that had had the surgery. It was a bit strange to feel like Zoe was the big kid with glasses for a change, but it was really nice to talk with other parents of a baby with glasses.

One response to “very little four eyes

  1. Janice again, Alicia’s aunt – my baby is 15 now, no glasses since the start of 1st grade. So, I cried, when she had to get glasses at 7 months. Then when I was talking to the optician who mentioned he goes to the children’s hospital and fits preemies with glasses, I too realized I had a big kid with glasses.

    I will get those baby pictures of her with glasses scanned in and send them to you. Some are pictures of her wearing the glasses, and in some she is chewing on them.

    I will never forget when she was learning to crawl, and she would do a faceplant, and if she landed on her hinge, she would have a little divot in her head. We both cried then. She had a constant scab, on each side, for a while.


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