good news for kids with glasses

Found via Blogging Parent, who found this through Boing Boing. Apparently a recent study in the journal Ophthalmic and Physiological Optics has found that kids think that other kids who wear glasses are smarter and more honest, and that the glasses don’t affect their perceived appearance. The study was done on kids aged 6-10, so a bit older than our kids here, but I still think it’s good news. I know the perception of other kids is one of the things that had really worried me about Zoe getting glasses.

I don’t have access to the full article, but the abstract is pretty detailed (as are most abstracts from medical journals). My favorite part is the final line:

Discussion: The old adage ‘Boys never make passes at lasses who wear glasses’ may be outmoded, but glasses may tend to make children look smarter and slightly more honest to their peers.

Not that any boy should be making any passes and my little lass at the moment, but it made me laugh.

Doesn’t she look terribly smart and honest here?

7 responses to “good news for kids with glasses

  1. That is good to know. Just here in our household, the big sisters like the idea of glasses and have both asked when they can have some.


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  3. Your daughter is adorable. And thank you for an informative site. My 18-month-old little girl is about to get glasses, and I admit I was freaking out a little about the standard issues (how will we keep them on? what if she – or the other kids – hate them? how do we know how to get good-quality glasses?).

    This “little four eyes” site – it helps an awful lot. 🙂 Thank you. And your darling little girl.


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