A helping of mommy guilt

Sam’s preschool finished up their year this week with the little program they do.  Each class gets up and sings for the parents and its all very cute.  When we dropped him off at his classroom, his teachers gave us a little book they had made with pictures of him taken throughout the year.  My husband and I were looking at it before the program started and we could not believe how obvious it is in the pictures from last fall that Sam needed glasses.  We didn’t really notice him squinting at stuff until around Christmas time, but there he is in October clearly squinting trying to see the camera.

He’s got glasses now, so no harm done, except for a hit to the mommy guilt-o-meter.

One response to “A helping of mommy guilt

  1. I’ve been feeling similarly when I look at pictures of Zoe from the fall with her crossed eyes. At the time, I kept thinking it wasn’t all that bad, but looking back, it really was.


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