Oh, I can see!

Said Sam this morning when he put his glasses on.  Heehee! I’m pretty sure that he has reached the point where he realizes that he sees better with them on and is happy to wear them. Yay!

In fact, I think that big sisters are a little jealous of Sam being able to wear glasses like Mama does.  We’ve had to make several trips to Target’s optical shops for adjustments to Sam’s glasses (face plants on the floor are hard on their alignment) and the girls like to try on the display frames.  Now, they keep telling me that they are having trouble seeing the tv and such, when it is abundantly clear that they aren’t, at least not to any noticeable extent.  If either of them ends up needing glasses, I think it will be Emma, because her eyes are starting to have that weak look that I see in pictures of myself and Sam pre-glasses.  Hopefully it will be a few years before she needs them, though, even though she wants them now.

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