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We’re starting to think about what we’ll do for Zoe’s next pair of glasses, especially if it turns out that she needs a new prescription. Even if she doesn’t, I expect that she’ll outgrow her glasses soon enough. Kids and their fast growing heads. Though I’m happy with Zoe’s glasses in terms of how they look, and even how they’ve held up, I have to admit that the cheaper prices of some online frames are pretty appealing. Still, I think about the number of times we go to our eye glasses place, and I just don’t understand how it works with the wear and tear and adjustments and prescription changes.

So, I have a bunch of questions for those of you who have ordered your kid’s glasses online. Did the glasses fit well when they arrive? Have you needed to get them adjusted either due to your child’s growth, or to bending that happens during the day-to-day general toddler roughness? If so, where do you go to get them adjusted? Have you had to get the prescription changed? Do you have to pay for the lenses to be remade?

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  1. I keep debating on ordering Sam some backup or even sunglasses online from Zenni Optical or somewhere. But then I have the same thoughts as you, that it is tacky to ask the local optician to adjust them.


  2. Since C got her glasses, we’ve had three different prescriptions since her eyesight is still changing. I am not sure about online stores, but some things to ask about:

    1. A policy that allows you to replace the lens if the prescription changes within 30 (or some reasonable amount) of days.

    2. We have two frames for C because we had to get a new frame when her prescription changed for the first time. (We didn’t want her to be without her glasses for a week.) The last time her prescription changed, I only purchased new lenses and re-used one of the existing frames. Saved some money that way by recycling through two frames until she outgrows them. (Probably not as cost effective if her prescription doesn’t change as much since I would have an extra pair of frames hanging around.)

    3. I have not had to adjust her glasses at all.

    4. Also, the optician, when we ordered the glasses/lenses, would measure the distance between her pupils. I guess you would do that yourself if ordering online.

    5. I think it’s perfectly OK to get the glasses adjusted locally at your optometrist’s office if you wear glasses and visit your local optometrist regularly. They should not mind adjusting your child’s glasses. Not every place offers a good selection of children’s eyewear.

    Good luck with an online order!


  3. Good things to think about, motherhood. Our current eye glasses place has a policy on replacing lenses if the prescription changes (free within 30 days, 1/2 off within 9 months), which is one of the reasons I’m wary of going online.


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