Franklin in his new play house Well, I’ve been reading everyone’s posts lately and enjoying the new look and picture gallery (nicely done, Ann Z!), and I have to admit, I feel like such a poseur.  As in, “What am I doing on this site?”, I can’t even imagine what it must be like to deal with what most of you have gone through with your little ones.  Franklin didn’t need glasses until he was 3 and at that point, you can reason with a child and talk to them about glasses and why they need them.  I’m just amazed at the smart ideas you all have about dealing with your babies and their eyewear!  WOW.  You guys are my heroes, way to be good moms!

But then it occurred to me today that maybe there’s hope in my feelings of inadequacy.  As in “Hey, it’s such a non-issue in my family now, maybe this is what you all can look forward to!” (and I certainly hope so)  Franklin has 2 friends with glasses, and working with kids as I do, I see little kids with glasses all the time.  I have at least 3 kids who come to my storytimes at the library with glasses, and they’re all under 4.  In fact, I have this one little girl named Lucia who comes into my library with her hot pink frames w/ rhinestones, and I heard another little girl comment to her one day, “I wish I could wear your glasses, they are so pretty!”  The good thing is kids are getting diagnosed earlier and earlier with vision issues, so more and more kids are wearing glasses.  Especially with computer games and TV exposure (not that I would ever let Franklin play a video game or watch TV….HA, not), glasses are pretty much mainstream now.

My wish for all you guys with little Little Four Eyes is that these early years go well with minimal emotional stress, and that all our kids learn to appreciate how amazing it is that they can wear something as simple as glasses to fix something as major as vision.   But until then, GOOD LUCK and Thank God for warranties.

4 responses to “Poseur

  1. It is true that I see more kids with glasses – we were at an amusement park a few weeks ago, and I saw quite a few kids with cute glasses.

    One of my fears is not so much with my daughter having to wear glasses; it’s that she has strabismus which still shows itself a little when she has her glasses on (and a lot w/out glasses). We go see the ophthalmologist on Monday for a checkup on her new prescription and to see if her eyes have maintained the same prescription. I do hope that the doctor does not recommend surgery to correct the strabismus. That’s my fear.


  2. The thought of surgery of any type for my kids is scary too, I can totally understand why you’re apprehensive. My daughter had to have a minor procedure this spring and now cries anytime she sees a man in a white lab coat (as she did today at the vet, poor guy). I hope everything works out for the best, we’ll keep you in our thoughts on Monday!


  3. Its true, you definitely see more and more very young kids with glasses these days. I think that until recently the less obvious problems like nearsightedness might have been overlooked until the child was school aged. Now, doctors are realizing that even 2 yr olds need that corrected, and so the kid gets glasses.


  4. Ann, you also wrote that great list of kid’s books, and it’s nice to read your posts and see what’s to come. It’s funny, as I’ve read more stories about kids and glasses, I’ve thought that we’ve really had it easy. Zoe was old enough to understand that she was seeing better with the glasses, but not quite into the super willful age.

    Motherhood, good luck on Monday at the ophthalmologists. Eye surgery is my great fear, too.


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