your wisdom, collected and compiled

There’s been some good advice shared here, in the posts, but also a lot in the comments. Since it can be kind of hard to find all of that, I’ve compiled the more practical hints and tips and helpful advice on this blog and put it on a page on it’s own (I’ve left all the comments and such where they were originally). So far, it covers reasons for getting your child’s eyes checked, hints to make the eye exam easier, things to look for in places to get glasses, choosing glasses, getting kids to wear glasses at first, and ways to keep the glasses on once your kid is (at least a little) used to them. If I’ve missed anything, or if you have other favorite hints, please leave a comment there and I’ll continue updating that page as we go.

I’ve also moved the order of the pages just a bit so the photo gallery, which is rapidly becoming the most popular page on this blog, is a little more prominent.

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