Just when a person starts to relax…

About a week ago now, Franklin came home with the weirdest glasses-related wound I’ve ever seen (look under his left eye).  Apparently, one of the girls at daycare somehow hit his glasses with her shoulder and jammed them right up into his cheek.  Details are fuzzy, but the resulting cut was very strange.  Has anyone else seen anything like this?  It was like the bottom part of his glasses cut into his cheek and left several slices or crack-like cuts.  The lenses don’t feel sharp, but I don’t know how else this could have happened.  We actually thought it would bruise worse than it did, it was mostly this little ridge of crease-cuts.  In all my years of glasses, I’ve never seen anything like it.  Maybe the glass created the cuts by rug-burn?  I’m not sure, it’s just weird.

And in another glasses-related incident, I congratulated myself this morning for having the foresight to purchase Franklin two pairs of frames.  He was outside in our back yard, took off his glasses (despite the nerd strap, errrrrr), set them on the concrete patio lens-side down, and then sat on them.  They weren’t just surface scratched, they had canyons of scratches dug into them.  I was so mad I just about lost it, but hey, what can you do?  LUCKY FOR ME, these were the SpongeBob frames we bought at Costco, so I marched them right over and they’re getting new lenses (for FREE) in about 2 weeks.  It made Franklin sad that he couldn’t see SpongeBob for TWO WHOLE WEEKS, so maybe this will be a good lesson for him.  We’re back to Jimmy Neutron in the meantime, and again, Thank You Costco.  🙂

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