dancing eyes

When Zoe first got glasses, I expected lots of questions from strangers, I worried that people would just focus on her glasses, and even make rude or unkind comments, I believed that most reactions would in any case, be well-intentioned.  What I hadn’t expected was the number of people who have said that they had had glasses, eye patches, and/or surgery to treat strabismus.  I always find myself searching their faces, trying to see if there is any hint of crossed eyes, which for the most part there is not.  Then I worry that I’m being rude, but I can’t help myself from looking for a glimpse of what may be Zoe’s future eyes.  One woman told me that she’d had glasses and two surgeries to correct her crossed eyes, but that her eyes still cross when she’s tired, and that it’s hard to look at people like Zoe (Zoe’s eyes were crossing a bit that day), because her eyes want to “dance along with theirs.”

(while we get lots of questions and comments, they have all been well-intentioned, or at least not unkind).

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