6 months of glasses in numbers

  • too many to count: number of visits to the eye glasses store for adjustments
  • 6 or 7: the number of lens cleaning cloths scattered throughout the house for all of Zoe’s glasses cleansing desires (we also have a box of disposable cleaning cloths to help clean our glasses after her “cleanings”)
  • 5: number of lenses (replaced both for prescription updates, then replaced one for a scratch)
  • 4: the number of small glasses cases we have (one for each car, one for her bedroom, one for daycare)
  • 3: number of eye doctor appointments
  • 2: number of times something came off the frame that we had to get repaired (once the ear piece, once the nose piece, both easy and quick repairs)
  • …and probably the biggest surprise of all – 1: number of frames, I would have bet good money that she would have broken her frames at least once in 6 months.

4 responses to “6 months of glasses in numbers

  1. Cute post!

    I’ve been wondering if there were such things as disposable cleaning cloths. Sometimes I find that C’s glasses get sticky and dirty that I need to run her glasses under water, but don’t always have easy access to water. Do the disposable cleaning cloths have “safe” cleaning solution on them?


  2. After 3 months of Eliza in glasses, I’m thinking “man, this has been relatively easy and low-maintenance!” Eliza is a bit older than Zoe, I think (she’s 2 1/2 now) and is really good about keeping her glasses on most of the time. (Ok, she did irreparably break her first frames on the very first day!)

    How often do you clean your kids’ lenses (anyone)? We only clean Eliza’s at the end of the day – because on daycare days, that’s the only time we see her! She doesn’t seem bothered by how dirty they get, but maybe it’s not so good for her eyes?


  3. It’s definitely gotten a lot easier as Zoe’s gotten older. We haven’t had to get her glasses adjusted in a while now, and she rarely takes her glasses off. But she does love to clean her glasses, and our glasses still. If she sees either one of us take off our glasses to clean them, she’ll take off her glasses and ask for the cloth to clean them, and then she’ll take our glasses and try to clean them (always putting little thumb prints straight on the center of our lenses).

    We usually clean her glasses first thing in the morning, and then afterwards only if they’ve gotten really dirty – yogurt seems to be a big offender. I don’t think dirty glasses should be bad for the kids – as long as they can still see through them.


  4. Sam hasn’t have his glasses 6 months yet, but I, too, have lost count of the number of trips we’ve taken to have them adjusted. We went just this week after I looked at him and noticed that one of the nose pads was completely bent sideways. The guy in the store told I had done a good job of straightening it out already. lol


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