Hey kid, that’s not a toy!

There is some bit of irony in the fact that I have to let my toddler wear a relatively expensive pair of glasses so that he can see. You can bet your biscuits that I wouldn’t let him run around with anything else that cost that much all day, every day. Lately Sam has been taking his glasses off to look at them and sort of explore them and quite frankly just to play with them. I try to remind myself to just calmly tell him to put them back on, but tonight in the car, I looked back and he had the arms bent way out. I found myself screeching at him “Put those back on, they aren’t a toy!”

But the truth is, I, and all of us with little kids in glasses, pretty much have to trust that they are going to happily, or not so happily, wear these expensive glasses, leave them on their faces, not play with them, not break them, just wear them. That’s a lot to expect out of a little kid, because little kids are so curious. And, well, the glasses do belong to him. If he wants to look at them, then he has that right. But, hey kid! Put them back on your face. They aren’t a toy!

4 responses to “Hey kid, that’s not a toy!

  1. I am so greatful for this post. It is good to hear another mom that “screeches” at her kid when they are playing with their glasses. I do that to Reid all the time and he thinks its funny and just goes right back to exploring and seeing how flexible his flexible frames really are. Thanks for the giggle.


  2. Our problem has been more with DD (2 yo) than DS … in a disagreement she will yank the glasses right off his face and sometimes try to bend them, etc. Other times she can be very sweet, and will say “you need glasses” – while running off to bring them to DS.

    We have an apt w/ our ped. ophthalmologist tomorrow … hoping for good news!



  3. Thank you for that post! I am thankful that others cringe when those glasses come off! I am still trying to figure out how to KEEP them on a 10mo! 😦 So I appreciated the realistic humor and the wonderful attitude!


  4. Great post! Braden RIPS them off his face- it’s gotten to the point that I don’t even cringe anymore- but when someone who hasn’t witnessed it sees it they gasp! Luckily he only does so when it’s time for a nap, bed, or to get dressed. He’s pretty good about keeping them on at all other times!


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