Bit of of a random train of thought post today. Teagansmom’s comment on my last post (her #11 about wanting to scream the next time someone asks how you know they needed glasses) got me thinking about those responses we always hear from people about our kids’ glasses. Yesterday, Zoe and I were at the bakery and the woman behind the counter looked at Zoe and said that her sister had worn glasses since infancy. Apparently people would always comment to her father that she was so good at keeping her glasses on. “Yeah,” her dad would say, “because she can’t see without them!”  It made me laugh, and reminded me of someone who asked Chris if Zoe’s glasses were “real.” Seriously, if someone has the time and energy and money to buy their young toddler glasses, and then convince them to wear the glasses, when the glasses don’t provide any benefit at all?  Yeah.  Those people need to donate some of that time, energy and money to me.

One response to “repsonses

  1. We get that *all* the time. People asking if C’s glasses are real. Everytime that happens, I comment to S: “Yeah, we go out and get glasses for C for fun.” What are these people thinking!


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