I [heart] our eye clinic, I do not [heart] pink eye

This afternoon, just as I got into work, I got an email from Chris saying that Zoe’s daycare had called, she probably had pink eye, her primary clinic was booked for the day so we’d have to take her to an urgent care clinic, which we’ve never had to do before and he wasn’t sure who was covered under our insurance, or even what Zoe’s insurance information was (I had her card with me, which was kind of stupid in retrospect).  Then I remembered that at our last appointment, we were told to watch for mattering in Zoe’s eye, and bring her in if that happened.  Now, I was certain it was just pink eye, since I had noticed a sign this morning saying there had been 2 confirmed cases in the toddler room.  But still, I did want to make sure there wasn’t any greater risk to her healing eyes, either.  So I called the eye care clinic instead of the urgent care clinic.  It was great talking to the receptionist who knows me by name.  Zoe’s ophthalmologist wasn’t in today, but the receptionist said to bring her in as soon as we could and someone else would take a look.  Another doctor took a look at Zoe in the waiting room and confirmed it was just pink eye, not a complication from the surgery, and not anything that would pose a bigger risk to her eye.  We weren’t charged anything for the visit.

On the very unfortunate side, it means we have more ointment for Zoe.  Oh, how I have come to loathe the eye ointment (though maybe not as much as Zoe does).

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