Hello!  It’s been a long time since my last post here on Little Four Eyes, but I guess that’s a good thing because it means nothing new has happened with Franklin’s glasses.  Neither pair of glasses has been in need of care in the past few months, we haven’t had any meaningful conversations about wearing glasses, and life has gone on normally.

However, I did want to mention something I’ve noticed since Franklin has been in pre-school.  This is his second year at his pre-school, and in both years, he’s made friends with the other kids with glasses in his class FIRST.  And yes, both years, there have been two other kids (different kids both years, I might add) who wear glasses in his class.  (OK Ann, that’s 3 in 20 both years, what’s the %?)  On his first day this year, I saw another little boy walk into the class with glasses, and sure enough, when I came to pick Franklin up, he was sitting by that little boy and I was told he was Franklin’s new friend.

What does this mean?  I don’t really know.  I do know that Franklin is very outgoing (sometimes a little too outgoing) and doesn’t have any problems making friends with kids without glasses.  I’ve never had reason to think he has

any self-confidence issues related to his glasses, but maybe he feels just different enough that he notices glasses on other kids and is naturally drawn to them.  Would this be true if he had red hair?  Or big freckles?  Or curly hair?  Or WHATEVER it is that makes children different?  Actually, probably.  But at this point, I’m not worried.  I’m just glad Franklin has “His People”.  🙂

3 responses to “Pre-School

  1. Very interesting. I do know that if I see another parent with a child in glasses, I’m more likely to approach them and say hi. Because I know we have at least one thing in common.

    (15%, since you asked)


  2. I’m the same way when I see other little kids with glasses, I usually ask the parents how they knew their child needed glasses and where they got them. It’s an interesting trend.

    Ah yes, 15%. I was never good at math. 😉


  3. That is interesting! My son is in JK but he’s never had anyone in his class w/ glasses (18 kids in total).

    There is an SK boy with glasses in the JK/SK class (okay I am biased but kids with glasses are just so darned cute!) So that would make, say 2 kids out of about 36?

    My son’s swimming teacher has glasses & wears them at the pool, and I pointed it out to DS. Maybe next time I’ll keep quiet and see if he brings up a similar situation on his own.

    Our update – we can go down to 1 hour / day patching. Yay! The next apt is in 2.5 months. It’s possible we won’t need the patch after that (I don’t know if you wean off it more gradually or just stop – hopefully we’ll find out). I think it would mean about 1.5 years of patching for us in total.


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